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Dan Lytwyn - BBC News,

In this video from BBC News, survivors of the "Sixties Scoop" - in which indigenous children in Canada were forcibly removed from their families - are mapping out their stories and finding solace in connecting with others.

Deirdre S. Williams - Shared Trauma, Shared Resilience During a Pandemic,

This article explores the risk of significant shared traumatic stress among public child welfare (PCW) workers.

Joaquin Palomino, Sara Tiano, Cynthia Dizikes - The Imprint,

"California sent thousands of vulnerable children to out-of-state facilities run by a for-profit company. Reports of rampant abuse followed. Now, confronted with a Chronicle and Imprint investigation, the state is bringing every child home," says this article from the Imprint.

Center for the Study of Social Policy,

This webinar discussed work that explores how community conditions that strengthen families can be improved.

Center for the Study of Social Policy,

Join the Center for the Study of Social Policy on Thursday, December 10, 2020 from 3:00-4:30 pm ET, for an interactive discussion about work underway to explore how to improve community conditions that strengthen families.

Barbara Fallon, Joanne Filippelli, Nicolette Joh-Carnella, Delphine Collin-Vézina, Rachael Lefebvre, Brenda Moody, Nico Trocmé, Ashley Quinn - Child Maltreatment,

This study examines whether increased interaction and observation of young children by school professionals leads to an increase in school-based reports to child welfare authorities and in the identification of child maltreatment victims.

Ashley L. Landers, Sharon M. Danes, Avery R. Campbell, Sandy White Hawk - Child Abuse & Neglect,

This study examined the recurrent maltreatment of American Indian children in foster and adoptive homes, specifically the physical, emotional, sexual, and spiritual abuse subtypes, as well as poly-victimization of American Indian children in comparison to their White peers.

BBC News,

"Denmark's prime minister has apologised to 22 children who were removed from their homes in Greenland in the 1950s in a failed social experiment," says this article from BBC News.

Keystone Human Services, Inclusion International, SPOON, International Social Service - Burkina Faso, Shonaquip - South Africa, Ministry of Labour & Social Affairs - Vietnam, Auto-reprezentanți - Moldova, International Disability Alliance,

By drawing on the experiences of parents, advocates, NGOs, and public officials, this side event invited discussion on how, through strengthening families and tools for prevention, societies can reduce the number of children being institutionalized. During the event, a panel of experts from the Republic of Moldova, South Africa, Burkina Faso, Vietnam, and the United States explored their experiences around efforts to empower parents and keep children with disabilities with their families.

Laura Arnau-Sabatés, Amy Dworsky, Josefina Sala-Roca, Mark E. Courtney - Children and Youth Services Review,

This cross-national study compares and contrasts how two states- one in the U.S. (Illinois) and one in Spain (Catalonia)—support care leavers as they transition into adulthood.