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Samantha R. Lyew - Journal of Legislation,

This article examines adoption and foster care placement policies as they pertain to the competing interests of religious freedom and equal protection for same-sex couples.

David Androff - Journal of Human Rights and Social Work,

This paper examines the immigration of children from Central America to the USA by setting the context of immigration across the USA–Mexico border, reviewing the extent and causes of the influx in immigration, and detailing the political, legal, and social work responses to the child migrants. 

Josefina Sala-Roca, Laura Arnau, Mark E. Courtney, Amy Dworsky,

This study compares programs and services that support youth in care during their transition to adulthood and independent living in Chicago, USA to those in Barcelona, Spain.

International Social Service, USA Branch,

This is an update on the ISS-USA Regional Conference in Guatemala.  


Gerald Campbell, a man from the state of Texas in the US who managed an orphanage in Malawi, has just pleaded guilty to sexually abusing the children in his care at the institution. 

Messias Silvano da Silva Filho, Jose Antonio de Lima Neto, Ivana Rios Rodrigues, Modesto Leite Rolim Neto - Current Pediatric Research,

The results of this study suggest that the removal of a child from an institution and its transfer to an improved care environment can lead to a reduced risk of psychopathology, as well as promoting a better social, emotional and cognitive development.

Enjoli Francis & Christine Romo - ABC News,

This article and corresponding video shine light on the current status of residential institutions for children with disabilities in Mexico, who promised to make changes following Disability Rights International’s report, and the little progress made to right the abuses these children have been subjected to.

The Centre for Refugee Studies at York University,

The Centre for Refugee Studies at York University (Toronto, Canada) is offering its annual Summer Course on Refugees and Forced Migration from May 9-13, 2016.

Karin van Mullem and Arno Rozema,

The video ‘Last Minute Orphanage’ offers an unique insight into the world of volunteering. It tells the story of 3 volunteers who travel to Cuzco Peru to volunteer for a few weeks with children.

Christian Alliance for Orphans (CAFO),

The annual Christian Alliance for Orphans Summit gathers more than 2,500 advocates, practitioners, and leaders focused on adoption, foster care, and international OVC care.