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Organising Committee of the 1st ICLC 2020,

This policy brief has been developed to serve as a guidance to practitioners while developing any practice on leaving care.

Organising Committee of the 1st ICLC 2020,

This policy brief has been developed to serve as a guidance to policy makers while developing any policy on leaving care.

International Care Leavers Convention 2020,

This report documents activities and conversations from the International Care Leavers Convention 2020, held virtually in November 2020.

Darshani Hettiarachchi - Sri Lanka Journal of Child Health,

This article explores mental health related issues in children and adolescents in childcare institutions in Sri Lanka.

Evergreat Wanglar - Children and Youth Services Review,

This study aimed to unravel the different issues and challenges that hinder the effective rehabilitation of children in child care institutions in India.

Sneha Roy and Indira Priyadarshini Madiki - International Journal of Policy Sciences and Law,

The scope of this study is not just to understand why abuse happens, and the changes that take place subsequently, but also to explore ways of preventing it from happening in the future.

Kiran Modi & Leena Prasad - Child & Youth Services,

This article describes the steps taken by Udayan Care responded to the needs of children in their care during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Martin Punaks and Samjyor Lama - Institutionalised Children Explorations and Beyond,

This article compares and contrasts two humanitarian emergencies and their impact on Nepal: these are the Nepal earthquake in 2015 and the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

Global Social Service Workforce Alliance for UNICEF India,

The Global Social Service Workforce Alliance is seeking a Consultant National Coordinator to contribute as part of the Alliance team to map and undertake a comprehensive capacity gap assessment of the existing child protection workforce in five states in India, and then propose a framework for strengthening this workforce informed by the above, with special emphasis on case management.

Esther Bott - Annals of Tourism Research,

This article draws on original empirical data to explore the narratives of young Nepali adults who lived in Kathmandu orphanages as children. Through these narratives, the article explores the diverse complexities of the residents' experiences of volunteer tourism and NGO ‘rescue’, and the shortcomings of recent ‘neoabolitionist’ frameworks.