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Hope and Homes for Children, Miracle Foundation and Railway Children,

These presentations from Hope and Homes for Children, Miracle Foundation and Railway Children were delivered during the August 20, 2021, workshop of the Care Measurement Task Force of the Transforming Children's Care Global Collaborative Platform. The focus of the workshop was child and family outcome measurement.

Family for Every Child,

In this How We Care series, Family for Every Child has presented the programming of 3 of its CSO members who have been working on the ground on preventing domestic violence affecting children during COVID-19.

BBC News,

"A two-day old baby born to daily wage workers in India's western state of Gujarat was kidnapped not once but twice," says this article from BBC News which investigates how and why.

Anju Agnihotri Chaba - The Indian Express,

This article from the Indian Express shares the stories of very young children in the state of Punjab, India who have been orphaned by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Vedika Sud, Esha Mitra and Julia Hollingsworth - CNN,

According to this article from CNN, there are "at least 577 Indian children who lost both parents to Covid between April 1 and May 25, when India was battling its second wave of the outbreak, according to government figures."

Kamala Thiagarajan,

The plight of so-called "COVID orphans," children who've lost one or both parents to COVID-19, "is one of the heartbreaking pandemic developments to emerge from India, which in May recorded the greatest number of deaths in one country in one month from COVID 19: over 120,000," says this article from NPR.


In this video, "CNN's Vedika Sud speaks to the eldest sister-- now the primary caretaker of a family of seven siblings who lost their mother and then their father to the brutal second wave."

Deborah W. Parkes,

This article identifies risks and vulnerabilities that child monks can face, including sexual abuse. It reflects on how aspects of entrusting young children to live as child monks do not necessarily fit with principles articulated in the Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNGA, 1989) and the United Nations Guidelines for the Alternative Care of Children (UNGA, 2009).

Vikas Pandey & Andrew Clarance - BBC News,

This article from BBC News described how the COVID-19 pandemic has devastated families across India, orphaning many children.

Big News Network,

"The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) has directed States and union territories to submit data of all children, who have been orphaned or have lost one of their parents to Covid-19," says this article from Big News Network.