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Saar-Heiman, Yuval Krumer-Nevo, Michal - American Journal of Orthopsychiatry,

The provision of material assistance, which is widespread in child protection settings, has received negligible scholarly attention. This article aims to describe and conceptualize this underresearched practice and to explore the challenges workers face when implementing it. The study described here included 20 in-depth interviews conducted with social workers working in an innovative Israeli child protection program called Families on the Path to Growth.


This report presents the results of multi-country research launched in 2018 on refugee data in Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon to study the impact of cash-based interventions (CBI) on child protection outcomes.

Child Protection - Iraq Child Protection Sub-Cluster,

This guidance provides a short overview of the child protection (CP) risks associated with disease outbreak.

The Alliance for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action,

This guidance note details the four priority areas that case management agencies will need to focus on in the coming days and months during COVID-19 for child protection.

Save the Children,

This report presents results from a survey administered to graduates of the Child Protection in Emergencies Professional Development Programme (CPiE PDP) in the Middle East and Eastern Europe region to evaluate if and how the CPiE PDP has influenced their professional development and to what extent the graduates have practiced what they have learned.

Elizabeth Presler-Marshall, Nicola Jones & Kifah Bani Odeh - Child Indicators Research,

Drawing on qualitative research undertaken with adolescents with disabilities from refugee and host communities in Jordan and the State of Palestine, this article critically interrogates the framing of child neglect, which to date has situated the state as a protector rather than a perpetrator, the narrow understanding of adolescent needs and the responsibility of international actors for ensuring that the full range of human rights of adolescents with disabilities is supported.

Carmit Katz, Jill McLeigh, Asher Ben Arieh - International Journal on Child Maltreatment: Research, Policy and Practice,

This essay provides an overview of an alternative to the traditional model of social work that was developed in the context of an initiative seeking to address the community-level factors shown to influence children’s safety. The model described in this essay was part of an effort to replicate Strong Communities for Children (Strong Communities)—which was first piloted in the USA to keep children safe by building systems of support for parents with young children —in south Tel Aviv, Israel.

Emmanuel Grupper & Yossef Zagury - Education in Out-of-Home Care,

This chapter from the book Education in Out-of-Home Care examines a policy change to affect the overall ecology of youth villages (Israeli residential schools), aimed at emphasizing high school academic achievements as a key to future success.

Shlomit Weiss-Dagan & Ram A. Cnaan - Children and Youth Services Review,

In this paper, the authors first present five longitudinally socio-political-historical analytic themes appearing in many policy analysis approaches identified in a literature review, with special reference to child welfare policies. Then, as a case study, the authors apply these themes to understand the evolution of child welfare policies in Israel.

FICE International,

FICE International is holding its 34th World Congress in Tel Aviv, Israel 29-31 October 2019. The Congress is held every three years, each time in a different country, and is designed to review the work with children at risk, children with special