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Better Care Network,

In this video, Anne Kinuthia, shares how social work practitioners from Kivuli, a residential care service provider in Kenya, used a simple, fun, and non-threatening activity called My Say to help children, families and staff, surface and process their emotions during the organization’s transition.

Family for Every Child,

Why is it so important to consider mental health and emotional well-being in child care and child protection? How can we address mental health needs in a non-clinical environment?

The East African,

The escalating human trafficking menace across the Horn of Africa region should be tackled as a matter of urgency to avert social turmoil and instability, the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) said in a statement during World Day Against Trafficking of Persons.

Mohamed Daghar - Institute for Security Studies (ISS),

Children are increasingly involved in sand mining in East Africa. The illegal sand trade occurs in mostly remote areas, hidden from sight and out of reach of anti-child labour advocacy campaigns. That makes it hard to determine the exact number of youngsters involved.

Getrude Dadirai Gwenzi, John Ringson,

There exists a gap in care leaving literature about the extent to which the labelling and stereotyping of care leavers during their time in residential care facilities affects their transitions into adulthood. This paper presents an analysis of interviews conducted with care leavers from six childcare facilities in Zimbabwe (n = 30).

Changing the Way We Care (CTWWC),

This short document describes the process of ensuring Kafaalah is considered as a family-based alternative care option within Kenya and the work to promote best practice within the model. It describes the journey of developing a framework and standard operating procedures, beginning with the launch of the Kenyan Guidelines on the Alternative Family Care of Children in 2014. Changing the Way We Care worked with many partners and shares the learning on Kafaalah through this document. Changing the Way We Care is a global initiative implemented by Catholic Relief Services, Maestral International, and other global, national and local partners working together to change the way we care for children around the world.

ESARO Regional Learning Platform,

This webinar hosted by the ESARO Regional Learning Platform, provides nine lessons learned on care reform from the COVID-19 pandemic with examples from Malawi, Uganda and Kenya.

ESARO Regional Learning Platform on Care Reform, CTWWC,

This webinar provides nine lessons learnt on care reform from the COVID-19 pandemic with examples from Malawi, Uganda and Kenya.

Changing the Way We Care (CTWWC),

In 2021 Changing the Way We Care (CTWWC) completed a household survey of children and caregivers, in demonstration countries Kenya and Guatemala, to understand their experience of CTWWC services, the protective factors in their families, and the status of child well-being. Part of CTWWC’s year-three evaluation, these resulting four reports are meant to help CTWWC partners, and other care reform actors within Guatemala and Kenya, better understand CTWWC’s impact through the end of the initiative’s third year. 

Transforming Children's Care Global Collaborative Platform,

The objective of this webinar was to present the CPSS approach, and reflect on how this approach, and especially the seven intermediate outcomes of CPSS are relevant to the care reform agenda.