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Global Communities and Hope and Homes for Children,

This report highlights stories of some children, youth and families who have been assisted under the Ishema Mu Muryango program. While each of their stories is unique, all highlight some common themes about institutionalization and child abandonment in Rwanda. 

Cuong Viet Nguyen - Social Science & Medicine,

This study examines whether parental migration can affect health and cognitive ability of left-behind children aged at 5-8 years old in Ethiopia, India, Peru, and Vietnam.


The story of a young boy who gave up being a child soldier to participate in UNICEF's reintegration program.


The African Network for the Prevention and Protection against Child Abuse and Neglect (ANPPCAN) and the International Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (ISPCAN) are pleased to announce an International Conference on Children and Armed Conflict.

Child's i Foundation,

In this video Child's i Foundation works with Care 4 Kids, an orphanage for 53 children, which wants to reintegrate children back into families but had challenges convincing the families that they could provide better care. Child's i Foundation organised an open day for families and invited parents who had taken their children back from Rafiki to explain the benefits of children growing up in families.

Tilahun Girma, Retrak,

The goal of this final evaluation is to build on the mid-term review of a 3-year pilot community project established to address some of the push factors that were leading many children to come to the city of Addis Ababa from Ethiopia’s southern region (SNNPR). 

Parenting in Africa Network and Save the Children,

This report shares highlights and lessons learned from PAN's work on family strengthening during the year 2015. 

The Guardian,

The Nigerian Forum on Rehabilitation of Street Children, a non-governmental organisation, recently claimed that no fewer than 13 million children across the country live and survive on the streets.

Child's i Foundation,

​This video by Child's i Foundation in Uganda document's the journey of a little girl, Praise, from being abandoned to being placed into to a permanent family. The video shows the tracing process and temporary placement with a foster carer, Ruth.

Child's i Foundation,

Five years ago, Child's i Foundation founder Lucy Buck set up a 25-bed 'transitional facility' to prove it was possible to place children in need of care into permanent families. Childs' i Foundation piloted an 'emergency care pilot' to see if the