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Hope and Homes for Children,

Más Allá del Cuidado Institucional proporciona un marco para que los gobiernos desarrollen su propia hoja de ruta para la reforma de sus sistemas de protección y cuidado infantil y la desinstitucionalización. Esperamos que esto inspire el diálogo, guíe las conversaciones entre grupos interministeriales y en la sociedad, oriente a grupos
multidisciplinarios de todos los niveles en la creación de su propia evaluación y ayude en la planificación de su propia hoja de ruta para el cambio.

Hope and Homes for Children,

This report provides a framework for governments to develop their own roadmap for child protection and care system reform and deinstitutionalisation. The authors hope that it will inspire a conversation, guide inter-ministerial and cross society dialogue, support multidisciplinary groups at all levels to frame their own assessment, and plan their own roadmap for change.

Lizzie Presser - The New York Times,

Across the country, an unregulated system is severing parents from children, who often end up abandoned by the agencies that are supposed to protect them.

Becci A. Akin, Crystal Collins-Camargo, Jessica Strolin-Goltzman, Becky Antle, A. Nathan Verbist, Ashley N. Palmer, Alison Krompf,

Findings of this report suggest that early screenings for trauma and behavioral health needs may provide important information that could be used to identify children's needs, make appropriate service referrals, establish well-matched placements, and support resource parents and birth parents toward better permanency outcomes.

Changing the Way We Care and SBS Departmental Headquarters in Zacapa,

Esta ruta fue aprobada por la Secretaría de Bienestar Social para ser utilizada en Zacapa por los trabajadores sociales y psicólogas que están involucrados en el proceso de manejo de caso para la reintegración de los niños y niñas del cuidado residencial hacia el cuidado familiar. Esta diseñada para apoyar la celeridad de los procesos y atención a casos.

Agence France-Presse in Copenhagen,

Six Inuit who were snatched from their families in Greenland and taken to Denmark 70 years ago are demanding compensation from Copenhagen for a lost childhood.

Pavel López Lazo - Prensa Latina Latin American News Agency,

Through November 18, as many as 1,541 Haitians have been intercepted by U.S. coast guards and returned to Haiti from the Dominican Republic, including 153 pregnant women, nine nursing mothers and 128 children, said the Support Group for Refugees and Returnees (GARR) rep.

Brittney Johnson - NBCDFW,

Right now hundreds of kids in foster care across Texas who don't have a safe placement are sleeping in offices, hotels, churches and other donated spaces. Social workers, case managers and other employees from the DFPS are being asked to take on child watch shifts to care for them.

Dominican Today,

Following the recent caravan of Haitian migrants that arrived at the southern border of the United States, thousands of them have been sent back to the Caribbean nation, including hundreds of minors who were born in other Latin American countries and are citizens of those nations.

Eric Galatas - Public News Service,

Some 24,000 teenagers in foster care across the nation officially become adults each year; in Nebraska it happens on their 19th birthday. They are expected to move out and start their lives on their own, yet many do not have a reliable support system. They face many challenges, including finding a job and a place to live.