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Caitlin Dickerson - The Atlantic,

As a therapist for children who are being processed through the American immigration system, Cynthia Quintana has a routine that she repeats each time she meets a new patient in her office in Grand Rapids, Michigan: She calls the parents or closest relatives to let them know the child is safe and well cared for, and provides 24-hour contact information.

Haiti Family Care Network,

Learn more about the methodology of family reunification and what best practices within that process look like. Discover what challenges come up when striving to reconnect separated children with their families and ways to overcome those challenges.

Changing the Way We Care (CTWWC), Sky Ministries,

This case story is meant to illustrate transition, the actors involved, the challenges and the success factors; recognizing that each transition is an individual process with different starting points, different dynamics and different evolutions.

Changing the Way We Care (CTWWC), Identity Mission,

The story of Identity Mission tells how a program focused on supporting vulnerable children by providing family-based care solutions alongside the local church came to be and what the challenges were to creating a mission focused on family. It is the story of one person’s own transition.

Changing the Way We Care (CTWWC),

In 2021 Changing the Way We Care (CTWWC) completed a household survey of children and caregivers, in demonstration countries Kenya and Guatemala, to understand their experience of CTWWC services, the protective factors in their families, and the status of child well-being. Part of CTWWC’s year-three evaluation, these resulting four reports are meant to help CTWWC partners, and other care reform actors within Guatemala and Kenya, better understand CTWWC’s impact through the end of the initiative’s third year. 

Family for Every Child,

This webinar shares the process that Family for Every Child is using to facilitate the development of global inter-agency guidance on Kinship Care, aimed at policy makers and programme managers.

Shreya Mukhopadhyaya, Kelli L. Dickerson, Thomas D. Lyond, Jodi A. Quasa,

Debates exist regarding whether foster youth should be asked about their placement preferences following removal, with only youth aged 12 years and older at times assumed legally competent to provide input. The present study evaluated whether placement-related factors known to predict youth's well-being also shape their placement preferences and whether preferences differ between youth below and above the age at which they are considered legally competent to provide input.

Joseph Shapiro - NPR,

New guidance from the federal government will make it easier for states to stop a controversial practice that, according to a 2021 NPR investigation, keeps impoverished families in debt when their child is placed into foster care.

Emily Rian Saeteurna, Qi Wua, Natalia Vasiliou, Deborah Mabingani, Judy Krysika,

This U.S. based study systematically summarizes the effectiveness of peer parent programs in child welfare on case outcomes, specifically permanency, time-in-care, and re-entry post reunification.

Changing the Way We Care (CTWWC),

El estudio de caso, plasmado en una página, está dirigido a posibles donantes, público interesado y actores vinculados a la reforma del cuidado infantil, que desean aprender sobre los procedimientos relacionados con el primer caso exitoso de reunificación familiar a cargo de la Iniciativa Cambiando la Forma en que Cuidamos que opera en Guatemala y además sobre el importante papel de la gestión de casos. El presente estudio de caso fue escrito en julio del 2020, un año después de la reunificación.