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Rajshree Chanchal, Ajit Kumar Lenka,

The article grapples with the tacit interplay of poverty, caste, and gender and its effects on the education of children in a village. It explores how pandemic-induced school closure impacted the life chances of marginalised children during and after the pandemic in the ‘deprived geography’ of rural Madhya Pradesh, India.

Maninder Kaur, Nilima Mehta, Subhadeep Adhikary, Anamika Viswanath,

This paper intends to capture the landscape of alternative care and its evolution in India, drawing from the review of the legal and policy framework, existing literature, and detailed discussions with Civil Society Organisations(CSOs) and State functionaries.

Justin Rogers, Mariya Ali,

This article will present the evolution of alternative care provision in the Maldives.

Zeudi Liew, Mark Gill, Lucy Hovil,

The experience children and young people who migrated from their homes in Afghanistan – especially those who have been forced to return – can be described as a spiral of harm and neglect.


In South Asia, 1 in 4 young women are still married before 18th birthday, with climate catastrophes, economic shocks and the ongoing fallout from COVID-19 threatening to reverse hard-earned gains.

Udayan Care, CERI, Martin James Foundation,

Udayan Care is happy to invite you to join its full-day program on the 20th of March to be held at the India International Centre (IIC, Kamladevi complex seminar hall 1). For those who cannot join the event in person, please register for the pre and post-lunch sessions separately.

India Alternative Care Network,

​​​​​​​India Alternative Care Network (IACN) is calling for contributions to the tenth edition of its newsletter, IACN Quarterly . 

Rozina Ali - New York Times,

Army Rangers killed her parents. A Marine is raising her in America. But her Afghan family says she was taken under false pretenses.

India Alternative Care Network,

IACN Secretariat is looking for a Consultant, for a period of three months, to carry out the literature review, visit four states (to be decided) across the four regions of India and document eight case stories (two per state) to capture the context and experiences of children and caregivers in kinship care arrangement in India.

India Alternative Care Network,

IACN seek a Communications and Knowledge Associate. This person will oversee internal and external communications and knowledge management strategies to strengthen communication and knowledge-sharing between IACN Secretariat, its membership and the broader community with an interest in the issues of children without parental care or at risk of separation, to advocate for family-based care, strengthening care in families and across the continuum of care.