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Stephanie Taplin - The Conversation ,

In this article, the author explains her perspective on the role of adoption in child protection, particularly in the Australian context.

The Australian Women’s Weekly,

This article, from the Australian Women’s Weekly, sheds light on the abuses of international surrogacy.

Hamish Fitzsimmons - ABC Radio Australia ,

Anglicare, a welfare organization in Australia, is calling for a drastic change in the foster and state care systems, says the article. The organization is advocating for foster care funding to be extended to 21-year-olds.

Vicki Welch, Christine Jones, Kirsten Stalker, Alasdair Stewart - Children and Youth Services Review,

This review of literature covers international material related to stability and permanence for disabled children, in particular permanence achieved through fostering and adoption.

The Gympie Times ,

Two Australian adoptees, taken from their parents as children, are concerned with recent federal government plans in Australia to “streamline” intercountry adoptions.

Dr Andrew Harvey, Dr Patricia McNamara, Lisa Andrewartha, and Michael Luckman - LaTrobe University Access & Achievement Research Unit ,

This report aims to provide the basis for an agenda to improve university attendance among care leavers in Australia by highlighting the nature and extent of the problem, and suggesting practical solutions within both the education and community service sectors.

Karleen Gribble - The Conversation ,

Some private schools in Australia are taking students on volunteer trips to orphanages in Asia. But “what do these trips mean for the children in orphanages?,” this article asks.

Emma Sleath, Rohan Barwick - ABC,

The Secretariat of National Aboriginal and Islander Child Care (SNAICC) in Australia has voiced its concerns about new child protection legislation to be implemented in the Northern Territory, says the article.

Mirah Riben - The Huffington Post Blog,

This blog post from the Huffington Post describes what the author believes are contradictory actions and recent statements made by the Prime Minister of Australia in regards to adoption.

Australian Associated Press, The Guardian ,

The number of children in South Australia who are living in emergency housing has risen significantly in the past year, says the article.