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Kathryn van Doore, Laura Healy and Megan Jones - ReThink Orphanages,

This report “seeks to map Australia’s contribution to residential care institutions for children overseas across a number of sectors and identify opportunities for strategic engagement with various stakeholders in the Australian context.”

Jeremy Sammut - The Age,

This article from The Age examines a crucial issue in the Australian child welfare system - “how to reconcile the protection of the wellbeing and development of children with the promotion of Indigenous culture and identity to avoid a repeat of the Stolen Generations.” 

Susan Baidawi, Philip Mendes and Bernadette J. Saunders - Child and Family Social Work,

This exploratory research involved focus group consultations with seven child and family welfare agencies to investigate the impacts, barriers, benefits and limitations of cultural support planning for Indigenous young people in, and leaving care in, Victoria. 

David Rose, Klaus Serr - Australian Scholarly Publishing,

Children and young people, many from conflict-affected countries, who arrive in Australia on orphan relative visas are highly vulnerable. In this book by David Rose and Klaus Serr, professionals with experience of working in this field discuss their perceptions of the needs of these young people and their carers.

Alannah McTiernan,

In this video, Australian politician, Alannah McTiernan, delivers a speech to Parliament discussing the negative impact of Australians volunteering and visiting orphanages in Cambodia. McTiernan notes that across Western Austra

Miranda Forster - Stuff,

A recent infant death has instigated calls for the establishment of baby hatches and “safe haven laws” in Australia, allowing people to lawfully and anonymously surrender their infants.

Linda Reynolds,

Australian politician Lunda Reynolds, a Senator for Western Australia, issued a press release warning parents and schools contemplating helping Cambodian orphanages to proceed with caution to ensure they are not unwittingly taking part in “orphanage tourism." The Senator recently visited Cambodia to look at Australian aid projects.

Rebecca Nhep, ACCI ,

This tool was designed to help those seeking to assist Christian faith-based actors involved in long-term residential care programs make the transition from institutional to non-institutional (family and community-based) child welfare programs.

Monica Campo and Joanne Commerford - Child Family Community Australia information exchange, Australian Institute of Family Studies,

This paper examines international and Australian literature to identify the key areas of support that may help young people to successfully transition from care.

MacDonald, M., Hayes, D., & Houston, S. - Families, Relationships and Societies,

This article presents a comprehensive, narrative review of international, research literature on informal, kinship care.