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Transforming Children's Care Global Collaborative Platform,

The Task Force on Foster Care of the Transforming Children's Care Global Collaborative Platform held the second spotlight webinar series on identifying foster carers on 5 May 2022.

Sarah C. Sutherland, Harry S. Shannon, David Ayuku, David L. Streiner, Olli Saarela, Lukoye Atwoli & Paula Braitstein,

This study found a strong relationship between the care environment and resilience in orphaned and separated adolescents and youths (OSAY) in western Kenya. Care environment and resilience each independently demonstrated strong relationships with peer support, social support, and participating in volunteer activities. Resilience also had a strong relationship with familial support. These data suggest that resilience can be developed through strategic supports to this vulnerable population.

Getnet Tesfaw, Abebaw Minaye,

The migration of parents is believed to be for the sake of children and families left behind. However, its impact on children left behind has been overlooked in Southern Wollo, Ethioipia. The impact of parental migration on the education and behavioral outcomes of children left behind has to be investigated in the migration-prone area. The objective of this study was to examine the impact of the migration of parent(s) on the education and behavioral outcomes of children left behind.

Tracy-Lynn Ruiters - IOL,

Safety parents – charged with the temporary care of children in emergency cases – have called on the government for much-needed financial support.  The Department of Social Development said as many as 1 300 children had been placed in the care of safety parents in the province.

Better Care Network,

The purpose of this study is therefore to better understand these influences from the perspective of CCI directors and decision makers, what influences and what creates an enabling environment and what, if any, implications these findings have for local, national, and global care reform strategies and approaches. The consultant will be the primary person responsible for the implementation of the research project. The total length of the consultancy is 20 days.

UNICEF, Changing the Way We Care,

This is the second monthly update of the Eastern and Southern Africa Regional Learning Platform published in April 2022. 

Victoria Amunga - All Africa,

An April 7 court ruling by Justice Joel Ngugi of the Nakuru law courts said fathers can be granted custody of young children.

Faith to Action Initiative,

Engaging with key stakeholders is an essential part of any transition and must be handled with tact and wisdom. Located in South Africa, the organization Beautiful Gate began its ministry to protect street children and later grew to provide residential programs for children in need. Yet, as they began to learn more about the needs of children in families, they decided to shift away from residential care and expand their services to include the families of the children they served. This case study summary explains how Beautiful Gate communicated these changes with donors.

Faith to Action Initiative,

This case study documents the successful transition of Beautiful Gate, a children's home in Cape Town, South Africa, from the orphanage model to a family-based and community-based approach. 

Alhassan Abdullah,

This article explores neighbour protective intervention (protective informal social control) in child neglect. It draws on narrative interviews with seventeen female parents from seven settlements in Ghana.