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World Childhood Foundation, Eriks Development Partner,

The purpose of this study is to explore how growing up in private residential care in Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai provinces of Thailand has affected children’s well-being over time. The research provided an important opportunity for young people to describe and analyze their experience, as well as make their own conclusions and recommendations.

Justin Rogers, Mariya Ali,

This article will present the evolution of alternative care provision in the Maldives.

Zeudi Liew, Mark Gill, Lucy Hovil,

The experience children and young people who migrated from their homes in Afghanistan – especially those who have been forced to return – can be described as a spiral of harm and neglect.

Lizhang Dong, Yanan Peng, Ran Zhang, Kang Ju, Juzhe Xi,

This study investigates the impact of various sources of social support on the mental health of unaccompanied children under residential education in China. Unaccompanied children refer to those whose parents are still alive but unable to raise them due to various reasons.

Udayan Care, CERI, Martin James Foundation,

Udayan Care is happy to invite you to join its full-day program on the 20th of March to be held at the India International Centre (IIC, Kamladevi complex seminar hall 1). For those who cannot join the event in person, please register for the pre and post-lunch sessions separately.

Sophie Tanno - CNN,

A baby began her life surrounded by chaos and devastation this week. Reportedly named Aya – meaning ‘miracle’ in Arabic – she was born under the rubble of Monday’s deadly earthquake, still attached to her mother’s lifeless body by the umbilical cord when rescue workers found her.

Children in Families,

One of our partner organisations and creator of the orphanage volunteering alternative Rok Kern programme, Children in Families was invited to speak about volunteering at an International School in Phnom Penh.

The Associated Press,

Adoptees sent to Europe and the US say they were wrongly removed from their families as government in Seoul actively promoted adoption.

India Alternative Care Network,

​​​​​​​India Alternative Care Network (IACN) is calling for contributions to the tenth edition of its newsletter, IACN Quarterly .