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Global Social Service Workforce Alliance,

Drawing from a review of global reports and case studies, as well as from information sourced from Global Social Service Workforce Alliance members, this report brings to light the critical role of the social service workforce in different humanitarian contexts—including those related to armed conflict, natural disasters and widespread disease outbreaks—and across the emergency management cycle. It further highlights the challenges and key areas of learning in deploying social service workers in humanitarian contexts.

ESARO Regional Learning Platform,

This webinar hosted by the ESARO Regional Learning Platform, provides nine lessons learned on care reform from the COVID-19 pandemic with examples from Malawi, Uganda and Kenya.

ABC News,

The Ukrainian ambassador to the U.S. claims hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians, including children, are being forcefully deported to Russia.

ESARO Regional Learning Platform on Care Reform,

This webinar provides nine lessons learnt on care reform from the COVID-19 pandemic with examples from Malawi, Uganda and Kenya.

Changing the Way We Care (CTWWC),

In 2021 Changing the Way We Care (CTWWC) completed a household survey of children and caregivers, in demonstration countries Kenya and Guatemala, to understand their experience of CTWWC services, the protective factors in their families, and the status of child well-being. Part of CTWWC’s year-three evaluation, these resulting four reports are meant to help CTWWC partners, and other care reform actors within Guatemala and Kenya, better understand CTWWC’s impact through the end of the initiative’s third year. 

Ruth Clegg - BBC News,

Vasyl Velychko has been tied to a bench on a baking hot day for hours, but no-one hearing his screams will untie him. The 18-year-old is one of thousands of disabled people living in Ukraine's orphanages. BBC News has gained access to five institutions and found widespread abuse and mistreatment - including teenagers restrained and adults left lying in cots for years.

Mercy Corps, Women’s Refugee Commission,

Time: 9 a.m. New York/1p.m. Dakar/4 p.m. Amman
Translation: Available in French

Arelis R. Hernández, Whitney Shefte - The Washington Post,

Ukrainians fleeing war in their homeland found open arms across the West. But for many, reaching the United States proved to be an arduous journey charged by border politics.

Some, like Maxim Blyzniuk and Oksana Ilchishena arrived in Mexico and made it across the border with their families into the United States, only to encounter hardship on the other side. Others, like Inna Dunai, a mother of five, flew across an ocean only to find the U.S. border shut — leaving them trapped in an unfamiliar foreign country, confused and disillusioned.

Transforming Children's Care Global Collaborative Platform,

The objective of this webinar was to present the CPSS approach, and reflect on how this approach, and especially the seven intermediate outcomes of CPSS are relevant to the care reform agenda.

India Alternative Care Network (IACN),

India Alternative Care Network is pleased to invite you for the launch of 'Every Child's Right to Family Life: An Introduction to Family Strengthening and Alternative Care in India' on July 20.