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Gary Clapton - Discourses of Anxiety over Childhood and Youth across Cultures,

This paper argues that whilst statutory services have expanded then contracted, children’s charities have remerged as the most influential voices that have shaped twenty-first century child protection policy and practice in the UK.

Hannah Chandler, Neil Boothby, Zahirah McNatt, Margaret Berrigan, Laura Zebib, Patricia Elaine Freels, Hamza Alshannaq, Noor Majdalani, Ahmed Mahmoud, Esraa Majd - Journal of Refugee Studies,

This qualitative study sought to understand the causes of separation among Syrian families in Jordan and the obstacles to family reunification.

Jason M. Rodriguez, Marybeth Shinn, Bridgette Lery, Jennifer Haight, Mary Cunningham, Mike Pergamit - Child Abuse & Neglect,

The authors of this article sought to better understand the relationship between homelessness and child welfare services (CWS) involvement and examine whether homeless shelter data could combine with CWS data to enhance intervention targeting.

John Charles, Amon Exavery, Asheri Barankena, Erica Kuhlik, Godfrey M. Mubyazi, Ramadhani Abdul, Alison Koler, Levina Kikoyo & Elizabeth Jere - AIDS Research and Therapy,

This study assesses the magnitude of, and factors associated with undisclosed HIV status to a community-based HIV prevention program among caregivers of orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) in Tanzania.

Balkans Migration and Displacement Hub, Save the Children,

This report describes key trends in migrations in the region, detailing information about the number of people on the move, demography (age, sex, country of origin, etc), behavioral patterns, and routes in use - with a focus on children, particularly unaccompanied children.

Jessica Rodriguez-Jenkins & Deborah M. Ortega - Child & Youth Services,

This paper explores within group differences for Mexican and Puerto Rican mothers vulnerable to child welfare involvement.

James D. Simon - Journal of the Society for Social Work and Research,

this study examines the relationship between needs, matched services, and child protective services (CPS) re-report. 

Rafaela Costa Martins, Cauane Blumenberg, Luciana Tovo-Rodrigues, Andrea Gonzalez & Joseph Murray - BMC Psychiatry,

The authors of this article conducted a systematic review of the impact of parent-training interventions on children’s and caregivers’ cortisol levels, and meta-analyzed the results.

Warren Hilton, Susan Mangold, Nicole Generose, Joanna Suriel - Student Affairs Today,

This brief article from Student Affairs Today highlights some of the lessons learned by student affairs professionals regarding foster care support programs at higher education institutions in the United States in light of the COVID-19 crisis.

Jo‐anne Harkin, Lisa Stafford & Chez Leggatt‐Cook - Child & Family Social Work,

This article reports on initial research from a survey study to describe the current state of play from practitioners into their perceptions and practices of children's participation in family support contexts.