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Udayan Care,

ICB is presently receiving manuscripts for the March 2022, September 2022 and March 2023 issues, which aim to include research contributions focused on relevant subjects within Alternative Care in South Asia.


March 28-30, 2022



This ChildHub course aims to help adult support workers understand the key behaviours, attitudes, skills and actions that they need to consider when working with children and young people.

SOS Children's Villages, European Union,

This basic awareness-raising course is for anyone who may come into contact with children and young people in alternative care settings. The aim of the course is to provide a brief understanding of trauma, the impact it can have on the lives of children and young people, and ways to support those who may be affected by it.

Dr. Anis Ben Brik,

The COVID-19 Family Life Study is a research study that explores the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on family life across cultures. The Covid Family Study survey invites parents to share their experiences to help provide support in the future.

Faith to Action Initiative,

Faith to Action Initiative is looking for a part-time consultant to support work to coach faith-based orphanages and children’s homes in transitioning their services to family care, as well as projects to increase access more generally to quality

Faith to Action Initiative,

Faith to Action is looking for a full-time employee to support our efforts in outreach to U.S. Christians, sharing the family care message.

Biennial Conference on Alternative Care for Children in Asia (BICON),

Register now for #BICON2021 and join this first of its kind regional forum to discuss ways in which organisations and countries can collaborate to strengthen the rights of children in Asia while preventing family separation. Find out more about this virtual event hosted 8th & 9th December.

Transitioning Children's Care Global Collaborative Care,

This webinar, co-hosted with the Martin James Foundation, will explore lessons learned in the development and strengthening of foster care systems in a number of countries and contexts, including emerging foster care systems in Bulgaria, Uganda, Cambodia, and Bangladesh as well as the more established foster care system in the UK, with a view to examining challenges and successes in implementation. The webinar will be moderated by Rebecca Smith, Global Head of Child Protection Programmes, Save the Children International.

Family For Every Child,

***Location is not relevant as this is a home based position***