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Institutionalised Children Exploration and Beyond (ICB),

ICB is presently receiving manuscripts for their March 2022 and September 2022 issues, which aim to include research contributions along the following sub-themes, among other relevant subjects within Alternative Care in South Asia.

Keeping Children Safe,

This online workshops designed specifically for designated Child Safeguarding Focal Points will help you gain the skills and knowledge to carry out your role. Live Child Safeguarding Focal Points training sessions take place on Zoom, four times per week on set dates. These sessions are for all participants to connect, discuss work and answer your questions.


This Learning Channel has been developed to highlight those Child Protection courses most closely aligned to different components of 

NGO Panel on Children Deprived of Liberty,

Global Forum

India Alternative Care Network,

IACN Secretariat is looking for a Consultant, for a period of three months, to carry out the literature review, visit four states (to be decided) across the four regions of India and document eight case stories (two per state) to capture the context and experiences of children and caregivers in kinship care arrangement in India.

India Alternative Care Network,

IACN seek a Communications and Knowledge Associate. This person will oversee internal and external communications and knowledge management strategies to strengthen communication and knowledge-sharing between IACN Secretariat, its membership and the broader community with an interest in the issues of children without parental care or at risk of separation, to advocate for family-based care, strengthening care in families and across the continuum of care.

The Alliance for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action,

The L&D Working Group of the Alliance would like to offer you a free, online learning opportunity to further explore the framework to strengthen overall understanding of primary prevention in child protection in humanitarian action. The course will provide an introduction to prevention programming, and will allow you to reflect on how the Primary Prevention Framework for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action is relevant to your context.

Office of the Special Representative of the Secretary-General on Violence Against Children,

The Special Representative of the Secretary General on Violence Against Children will present for the first time ever her General Assembly Report to Children.

Institutionalised Children: Explorations and Beyond journal,

Institutionalised Children: Explorations and Beyond Journal encourages experts in care of children in institutional and alternative care to review the research in the journal and provide experienced insights to submitted papers. The editorial staff highly value the contribution of peer reviewers of the journal as the essential gatekeepers of its standards. Some perks for your review include free access to all SAGE journals for 60 days upon receipt of your completed review and a 25% book discount on all SAGE books ordered online.