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Judith L. Perrigo, Abigail Palmer Molina, Omar López, Dorian Traube, Lawrence A. Palinkas,

The purpose of this study was to explore the impact of deinstitutionalization on the Salvadoran Child Protection System.

Emily Smith Goering, Sarah Kaye, Lucia Reyes, Stephanie Beleal, Alyse Almadani, Caitlin Proctor-Frazier, Elisa Rosman,

This longitudinal study evaluates the effectiveness of BLINDED intervention, an intervention that utilizes family search and engagement practices to place children who enter foster care in kinship placements as quickly as possible in the U.S.

Abigail Rose Lindner, Ryan Hanlon,

This is a systematic review of literature published from 2002 to 2022 to assess the differences in outcomes of children and youth who were adopted out of foster care compared to children and youth in foster care (CYFC) who were in other permanency placements (reunified, aged out, long-term foster care). The review yielded twelve (N = 12) studies from Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Victor Fernandes, Anta Niang, Rosita Vargas Diaz, Martin Goyette,

This paper explores how the COVID-19 pandemic affected care leavers in Quebec, a social group already facing obstacles to social integration.

Jason Berry - The Guardian,

Survivors of institutions run by Catholic diocese recall litany of sexual abuse as bankruptcy process keeps documents hidden

Ashley L. Landers - The Conversation,

Native American mothers whose children were separated from them – either through child removal for assimilation into residential boarding schools or through coerced adoption – experience the kind of grief no parent should ever feel. Yet theirs is a loss that is ongoing, with no sense of meaning or closure.

Changing the Way We Care,

Case management is used with both families at risk of separation and those where children have already separated and are in the process of being reintegrated, including biological family or placed into an alternative family (e.g., foster or kinship). The end goal of case management is that children are safe and nurtured within a family that is able to care for them, and access needed services that address risks and increase resilience.   

Michael Hoffmeister,

This analysis considers foster care regulations in three jurisdictions in Finland, New Zealand, and Wisconsin, USA, and the effects of policy decisions on eligibility for relative caregivers and placement options for children in out-of-home care.

UNICEF - ESARO Regional Learning Platform,

This webinar introduced new global inter-agency guidance on kinship care. During the webinar, panelists shared key lessons learnt on how to support kinship care, drawing particularly on examples of promising practices from South Africa, Zimbabwe, Liberia, and Brazil.

MJ Koch - New York Sun,

The proposed plan ‘will harm vulnerable children who need loving homes and set a precedent that undermines everyone’s parental rights,’ an ethicist warns.