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BBC News,

A man with autism who has spent nearly half his life detained in a mental health hospital has been released after a long campaign by his mother.

Keeping Children Safe,

Philip Goldman and Christina Tobias-Nahi in live panel discussion at the #FaithAndChildSafeguarding summit.

Keeping Children Safe,

This faith and child safeguarding summit provides a platform for religious institutions, faith-based organisations, academics, and religious leaders to come together, exchange insights, experiences, challenges and best practices on child safeguarding in religious and faith-based contexts.


This 2-day summit will engage policy makers, researchers, academia and practitioners to identify evidence based solutions to effectively address the child protection challenges in the post COVID-19 era.

Sen David - Khmer Times ,

Cambodian Minister of Social Affairs Vong Sauth has called on all relevant authorities to resolve children’s protection issues and implement the National Strategy following the launch of the National Policy on Child Protection System 2019-2029 in September.

Put Children First: End Orphanage Care Campaign,

Research has shown the harm of orphanage care on children’s health, development and wellbeing and how orphanage volunteering is working to perpetuate these institutional systems which separate children from their families and communities. There is now a global movement to end both practices. These key policy recommendations were published as part of the "Put Children First: End Orphanage Care" campaign.

Stanford Early Life Stress and Resilience Program, National Center for Youth Law, Center for Trauma Recovery and Juvenile Justice,

Providing effective mental health services to unaccompanied children released from federal immigration custody is both critically important and incredibly challenging. Developed by children’s rights attorneys and mental health experts on trauma and immigration, this Guide is grounded in the voices and experiences of unaccompanied children.

Emily Delap of Child Frontiers, UNICEF Malawi country office, UNICEF ESARO, CTWWC, and the Government of Malawi,

This virtual study tour aims to provide you with an overview of care reform in Malawi from the comfort of your own home. Care reform relates to the care of children. It refers to efforts to improve the legal and policy frameworks, structures, services, supports and resources that determine and deliver alternative care, prevent family separation and support families to care for children well.

Child Identity Protection (CHIP),

This research brought together the testimonies of adoption professionals (national and international) concerned with the situation of abandoned and placed children in five South American countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia and Peru. The aim of this study is to gain a better understanding of the new realities of adoption, in a context where these countries have chosen to limit or stop their foreign adoption practices. 

Changing the Way We Care,

Gatekeeping es el término que describe el mecanismo, proceso o pasos específicos involucrados en la toma de decisiones relacionadas con el cuidado de las niñas, niños y adolescentes (NNA) donde exista la posibilidad de riesgo de separación familiar, o pérdida del cuidado parental.