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Social Work History Network,

This international webinar explores ‘The Origins of Social Care and Social Work’ (Policy Press, 2022) in which Professor Mark Henrickson (Auckland, New Zealand) argues that European and North American notions of helping – or managing – poor and marginalised people have deep roots in religious texts and traditions which continue to influence contemporary social work.


The PACE parenting approach was developed by Dr Dan Hughes for parents and carers of children who are adopted or live in foster or kinship care families. PACE stands for Playfullness, Acceptance. Curiosity, and Empathy and is an attitude has proved to be helpful for many professionals working in adoption, fostering or kinship care services. The aim of PACE is to allow the child to establish a positive and reciprocal relationship with their parents or carers and to experience relationships as 'safe'.

ECOSOC Youth Forum Side Event,

The Summit of the Future (SoTF) presents an important opportunity for all young people, particularly youth with disabilities, to have their say on what that future looks like and for their national and other world leaders to listen and act accordingly. This side event is an opportunity to hear from a range of speakers involved in youth movements on: - How they are working to ensure that youth with disabilities in all their diversity are included in Summit of the Future engagement.

Faith to Action,

Faith to Action have developed a 3-day in-person event for U.S.-based organizations serving orphaned and vulnerable children around the world. The purpose of this event is to enhance your learning and connections in the journey of transitioning from residential care to family-based care.

Jacinta Mutura - The Standard,

The outgoing chairperson of the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops (KCCB) Archbishop Martin Kivuva said the Catholic church embraced the new law under the National Care Reform Strategy in Kenya after overwhelming scientific evidence showed that institutions are not good for children’s growth.

International Disability Alliance (IDA),

The International Disability Alliance (IDA) is looking for an experienced communication officer, who will be responsible for the co-coordination of the Working Group and for communication activities that fall under the responsibility of the GDS-secretariat.

Save the Children Europe,

Save the Children Europe is launching its new advocacy paper on fighting child poverty in Europe. Join the webinar on April 11.

Georgetown University's Collaborative on Global Children's Issues,
  • Time: 11:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. EDT
Collaborative on Global Children's Issues,

This webinar will bring together experts and practitioners who are dedicated to advancing child protection through ethical and inclusive research practices.

The Children's Institute, University of Cape Town,

Join Prof Kristen Cheney at the University of Victoria says that targeting ‘orphans’ for particular kinds of intervention commodifies orphans and can spur 'production' of 'orphans' resulting in exploitation. Learn more at this public lecture on April 9. RSVP to attend in person, or join online.