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ECDAN is interested in collecting and curating examples from on the ground programs and initiatives implemented all over the world in response to COVID-19 with a focus on early childhood development (ECD).


USAID encourages potential partners to continue monitoring and (new fedbizops) for new grant and contract opportunities related to COVID-19. Partners may submit unsolicited proposals to

Global Social Service Workforce Alliance,

The Global Social Service Workforce Alliance is seeking a new Director.

Family for Every Child,

This webinar, hosted by Family for Every Child, will explore both the importance of kinship care, and the impact of COVID-19. 

Save the Children,

This factsheet was designed by Save the Children to communicate the five key messages of parenting without violence, produced as part of the child protection COVID-19 response to protect children in their homes.

Miracle Foundation,

This guidance from Miracle Foundation outlines case management process and tools aimed at children in Child Care Institutions (CCIs) in India who have been placed with their families during the COVID-19 pandemic. The purpose of these case management processes and tools is to determine feasibility of permanent placement and expedite family-based care in families in which children were placed quickly and without proper preparation during COVID-19 lockdown.

Amnesty International,

This document from Amnesty International reports on the family separations happening at U.S. immigration detention facilities in light of the COVID-19 crisis.

AfriChild: The Center for the Study of the African Child and the Care and Protection of Children (CPC) Learning Network,

This first webinar of a series focused on late-breaking research calling attention to the realities of vulnerable children in Uganda will focus on street-connected children as a particularly vulnerable demographic in Uganda.

Dr. Delia Pop - Hope and Homes for Children, CAFO,

Este documento presenta 10 principios para ayudar a niños/as y familias vulnerables durante la pandemia de COVID-19.

Child Protection - Cox's Bazar Child Protection Sub-Sector,

This guidance note has been developed as a framework for minimum preparedness and response actions for a potential increase in the number of unaccompanied or separated children in need of alternative care in Bangladesh.