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Xinyan Xie, BA; Qi Xue, MPH; Yu Zhou, BA; et al - JAMA Pediatrics,

This study investigated depressive and anxiety symptoms among students in Hubei province, China, which can help optimize interventions on the mental health of children for stakeholders in all countries affected by COVID-19.

Yu-Jie Wen, Wen-Peng Hou, Wei Zheng, Xi-Xi Zhao, Xue-Qi Wang, Qi-Jing Bo, Christine Pao, Yi-Lang Tang, Tony Tan, Xian-Bin Li, Chuan-Yue Wang - Trauma, Violence, & Abuse,

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the neglect of left-behind children (LBC) in China.

Marzieh Takaffoli, Maliheh Arshi, Meroe Vameghi, & Mir Taher Mousavi - Children and Youth Services Review,

This study aimed to determine the approach to child welfare in Iran by reviewing Iran’s laws and macro policies, and analysing them to provide an explicit and comprehensive definition for child welfare.

UNICEF Vietnam,

UNICEF is seeking a consultant to design relevant communication materials and training programmes on mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS) for children, parents, teachers, staff of the National Helpline, social workers and child protection officers in responding to Covid-19 outbreak in Vietnam.


UNICEF India is seeking a consultant to support implementation of the UNICEF programme for alternative care.

Quanquan Wang, Hui Wang, Xia Liu - Journal of Affective Disorders,

Based on the life history theory and the interpersonal function model of non-suicidal injury (NSSI), this study aimed to examine the positive impact of loneliness on friendship quality via NSSI among left-behind adolescents.

Alternative Care Thailand,

This animated video from Alternative Care Thailand tells the story of a boy in Thailand who is sent to live in an orphanage because his mother feels she is unable to care for him at home, his experiences with volunteers once he arrives at the orphanage, and how the orphanage transitioned to supporting children to live in families.

Sanjana Ganesh - The Hindu,

"Many orphanages across the district have completely cordoned off their premises, disallowing outsiders from stepping in so as to prevent any potential spreading of COVID-19," says this article from the Hindu, reporting from Madurai, India.

Geeta Pandey - BBC News,

"The sudden imposition of a 21-day lockdown in India to stop the spread of the coronavirus has thrown the lives of millions of children into chaos," says this article from BBC News.

Basit Aijaz - India Times,

Child abuse hotlines have seen an increase in calls asking for protection from abuse and violence in light of the lockdown put in place to limit the spread of the coronavirus, according to this article from India Times.